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Question for those in the audio know

If a writer wants to record her works...

...what does she need to do? Do I need special software? A microphone (or is there one built into my PC that I'm too ignorant to know about)?


Paradiso, Tracey
on May 24 2007

Alcuin, Pags, you guys are great! I'll follow your instructions and let you know how it goes - probably after we're done with our first zine.


Jones, Paganini
on May 23 2007

If you want to record in a more techie way and for longer than 60 seconds, there are plenty of freeware programmes available on the internet. I know poets who swear by audacity.

You may well need a microphone of better quality than that built in to your PC. Over here I would pay about £5 for something usable. But play with what you have already first. You might hate the whole enterprise!

Stephan Anstey
on May 22 2007
I think I need to record the words, "Dude... yer blue" and give them to you.
- stephan

Melden Fred
on May 22 2007

Tracey, I ran into the same problem. Here's what I found:
1) I also have a Dell. If yours came with a mike, you can record. If it did not, your sound card might still have a mike socket in the back.
2) The path to the sound recorder=Start Menu/All Programs/Accessories/Entertainment/Sound Recorder.
3) The recording settings are found in Control Panel / Sounds and Audio Devices / Audio (tab) / Sound Recording VOLUME. Set volume to max.
4) Playback settings are found in Control Panel / Sounds and Audio Devices / Audio (tab) / Sound Playback VOLUME.
5) You can only record 60 seconds at a time, but you can save a recording and then add another 60 seconds on, etc.
6) I haven't tried cutting it to a CD yet. That may require using Windows Media Player (or Realplayer, or some equivalent).

Finally, I also can tell you how to create your own books, if you're so inclined.

Paradiso, Tracey
on May 22 2007

I have a Dell, and I SO want a Mac.

Thanks, Stephan.

Stephan Anstey
on May 22 2007
I honestly don't know about your specific computer's microphone situation -- but yes, yo'd need a microphone. I did it on a mac, so I can't honestly give much info on the PC way. Julie will probably have more info on that.
- stephan
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